April 5, 2022

Take Your Business To The Next Level Using Automation

Amid the recent competition in the hospitality industry, hoteliers do their best to offer an amazing customer experience to every guest. Instant online bookings, quick paperless check-ins, automated communication and so on. From small property owners to big giants in the hotel industry rely on automated services to streamline daily operations and provide effective customer services. 

In this blog post, we dive into the automation systems in the hospitality industry and how it benefits both hoteliers and guests alike.

What is Automation in the Hotel Industry?

Hotel Automation technology leverages the implementation of software programs in day-to-day business operations to eliminate time-consuming manual work and raise efficiency and productivity. It helps hoteliers regulate mandatory tasks with little to no human effort. 

Tasks regulated via automation may include updating availability, changing rate plans, performing paperless check-ins/checkouts, managing inventory, etc. It also allows the managers to control the operations effectively through an automated system without any manual work.

Benefits of Hotel Automation Systems

Adding automated systems to your hotel can benefit the business in many ways:

  • Cut down costs
  • Update information across all booking channels 
  • Streamline hospitality services
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Efficient and error-free work process
  • Faster check-ins and checkouts
  • Improved and quick communications

Types of Automated Solutions for Hotel Businesses

There are umpteen automated tools you can integrate into your hotel technology to beat the competition. However, the things you want to automate depend on your business needs, budget, and other factors. 

Here is an overview of hotel automation solutions for efficient property management, improved guest experience, and beating the competition.

Revenue Management System

Automated RMS allows hoteliers to update booking information on the hotel website alongside all third-party channels. This information enables the guests to choose from the list of vacant rooms at the time of reservation. 

With the right tools, you can track the demand levels during peak holiday seasons. This information helps commercial property owners to set room rates and boost earnings. On the contrary, hotel management can offer discounts or cashback to generate potential leads.

Competition and Performance Tracking

Keeping an eye on sales and performance is an integral part of the research process for every business. Automated competition tracking tools can provide critical insights based on real-time reports. 

From identifying the leading competitors to observing your business performance, these tools can keep you updated with the market trends, current rates, etc.

Rate Optimisation

The pricing system in the hotel market is not static. Room rate plans keep changing based on the demand levels. Manual research and rate optimisation are lengthy and complicated processes. It is worth investing in an automation tool to sync rate optimisation features to your existing PMS.

Reservation Management

Reservation management can be a tedious task in the absence of an efficient automated software system. Bookings and cancellations can happen at any time of the day. As soon as a booking is accomplished, it is need of the hour to update the availability to eliminate overbooking issues. 

Automated reservation tools work on algorithms to update the availability instantly after a booking happens. No more delays in info updates due to manual entries. 

Property Marketing

Competition in the hospitality market often creates a barrier between travellers and hoteliers. Channel distribution across popular platforms ensures greater visibility and accelerates bookings. 

Traditional manual entries do not work in this age. To speed up the work, use a channel management tool like Visitor. The user-friendly interface allows you to manage rates, update availability, and other tasks from the simple dashboard in a few clicks.

Messaging and Notifications

Communication is one of the vital factors in improving workflow in the hotel industry. Whether a guest to staff or employee to employee, quick communication prevents wastage of time and offers services faster. 

An automated messaging system allows hotel staff to receive and respond to guest requests instantly. Messaging systems in hotel operational technology can help in several aspects:

  • Receive service requests instantly
  • Fulfil requests at the earliest
  • Assign tasks to a team member 
  • Update task status
  • Transfer employee communications to the concerned department
  • Improve productivity and performance

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