May 18, 2024

Uplisting Vs. Visitor: Which Option is Better for Hoteliers?

May 18, 2024
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Uplisting Vs. Visitor: Which Option is Better for Hoteliers?

Raul Tomescu
CEO & Founder


If you are a hotel owner and you operate in the hospitality industry I am sure you have heard the term hotel software. But do you know what functions and features they have and how they can be useful to you? You can use them to improve your workflow in many areas, and in the next article you can discover the features of Visitor and Uplisting hotel software. I'll go into more detail about the features and pricing of the two software and you can find out which one might be more suitable for you. Let's get started! 

Visitor Hotel Software: Key Features

Visitor Hotel Software is an excellent choice for hotel owners with small and large properties. It offers a number of features that can help make your workflow easier, which we will now cover.

Visitor interface.

✅ Channel Manager

Thanks to the Channel Manager feature, you can manage your bookings and rates from one place. The advantage of this is that you don't have to log in to multiple platforms, so you can always be in sync and not worry about forgetting something. You can also maximize your occupancy. Visitor is currently partnered with platforms such as, Vrbo and Expedia.

Visitor Channel Manager.

✅ Front Desk System

The Visitor's Front Desk System (PMS) saves you time and helps you focus on making your guests happy. It has a calendar that updates your room availability everywhere at once, so you don't have to worry about mistakes or waste time doing it manually.

Visitor Front Desk System.

✅ Your Own Website

You can increase your bookings by up to 20% with the Your Own website feature. The advantage of this is that you don't need any developer experience as you can create your own website thanks to Visitor. This means you can create real value.

Your Own Website.

✅ Reporting and Insights 

Thanks to the Reporting and Insights feature, you can collect data and analyse statistics. Why is this important? With the right data at your fingertips, you'll be able to develop a range of strategies, get to know your users and better position yourself in the market.

Reporting and insights.

✅ Mobile App

In addition to all this, a mobile app is also available, which makes the process even easier, allowing you to manage your bookings quickly, anywhere, anytime. The mobile app works great, you won't run into any problems.

Mobile App.

Other features that are available with Visitor Hotel Software depend on the package you choose, of course, but I'll go into that in more detail in the pricing section.

✅ 30-Day Free Trial with Full Onboarding support

✅ Included Users

✅ Booking Engine

✅ Customer Database (CRM)

✅ Automated Guest Communication

✅ Online Check-In

✅ Reviews Manager

✅ Booking Receipts

✅ Upselling and Services

✅ Multilingual (5 languages)

✅ Customer Support via E-Mail

✅ Customer Support via Chat

✅ Customer Support via Phone

✅ Fully GDPR Compliant

✅ Data Hosting in Germany

✅ Advanced Security Features

✅ Revenue Increase

✅ Review Booster

✅ Setup and Optimisation

✅ Smart Pricing

✅ Social Media Advertising

✅ Custom Domain

✅ Whitelabel Customisation.

Uplisting: All-in-one Vacation Rental Software

Visitor and Uplisting are very similar, both designed to make your workflow easier. Similar in terms of functionality, but different in that Uplisting focuses on the Channel Manager. Let's take a look at the main features.

Uplisting interface.

✅ Channel manager

✅ Guest payment links

✅ Guest payment plans

✅ Direct booking website

✅ Cleaning scheduler

✅ Guest identify verification

✅ eSignature rental agreement

✅ Security deposits

✅ Client statements

✅ Client portal

✅ Unified inbox

✅ Automated guest messages

✅ Enquiry auto-responder

✅ Automated reviews

✅ Onboarding

✅ Support

✅ 0% Commission on bookings

One of the most important features it offers and worth highlighting is automated messages, which can save you hours of work.

Automated guest messaging.

If we compare Visitor and Uplisting, you can see that there are some features that are different, such as reporting and insights or whitelabel customization. Therefore, before you choose, it is important to be clear about your needs and what areas you need help with. 

Visitor vs. Uplisting: Pricing and Plans

These elaborate software are top notch if you want to increase your income and get serious about the hospitality industry, but just as nothing is free these days, neither is these software. Below I will compare for you the pricing of Visitor and Uplisting and the differences between them. 

Visitor's package is split into three parts. Available in basic, standard and premium packages, the price varies depending on how many accommodations you have. Each package has different features, you can see these in detail on the Pricing page. The basic package is ideal if you have less accommodation, but if you have more, the standard or premium package is ideal.

Visitor pricing.

Conversely, Uplisting is available in Pro and Enterprise packages, and the features are different as appropriate. You can see that the difference between the Pro and Enterprise packages is that with Enterprise you can have a dedicated channel manager and you need to have a minimum of 30 accommodations to be able to choose it, so if you have few accommodations, the Pro package is probably your choice.

Uplisting pricing.

If you compare the pricing of the two software, you can see that Uplisting costs slightly more than Visitor, but Visitor offers a lot more features. 

Are Free Trials Available?

Absolutely! Both Visitor and Uplisting offer free trials, allowing you to experience their features firsthand before making a commitment. Visitor provides a generous 30-day trial period, giving you ample time to explore its functionalities and assess how it aligns with your hotel's needs.

Similarly, Uplisting also offers a free trial, enabling you to test out its capabilities and determine if it's the right fit for your vacation rental business.

These free trials are invaluable opportunities to get a feel for the software, experiment with its features, and evaluate its compatibility with your operations. Take advantage of these trials to make an informed decision and choose the hotel software that best meets your requirements.


In conclusion, choosing the right hotel software, whether Visitor or Uplisting, depends on your property's specific needs and budget. Visitor offers a comprehensive feature set with a focus on Channel Manager and Reporting, ideal for properties of various sizes. On the other hand, Uplisting caters well to vacation rentals, emphasizing features like Guest Payment Links and Cleaning Scheduler. Both solutions offer free trials, enabling you to assess their suitability firsthand. Ultimately, investing in the right software can significantly enhance your property's efficiency and guest satisfaction in the competitive hospitality industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What key features does Visitor Hotel Software offer compared to Uplisting?

Visitor prioritizes tools like Channel Manager and Reporting for comprehensive property management, while Uplisting focuses on features such as Guest Payment Links and Cleaning Scheduler, tailored specifically for vacation rental businesses.

❓ How do the pricing plans of Visitor and Uplisting differ?

Visitor offers Basic, Standard, and Premium packages based on accommodation size, while Uplisting provides Pro and Enterprise packages with additional benefits like a dedicated channel manager, making it slightly more expensive but potentially more comprehensive.

❓ Which software is more suitable for smaller properties?

For smaller properties, Visitor's Basic or Standard package may be more suitable due to affordability and a comprehensive feature set, while Uplisting's packages cater to larger operations.

❓ Do both Visitor and Uplisting offer free trials?

Yes, both Visitor and Uplisting provide free trials, allowing users to explore their features and assess compatibility with their hotel or vacation rental business before committing to a subscription.

❓ What factors should I consider when choosing between Visitor and Uplisting?

Consider your property's specific needs, such as the size of your operation and the features you require most, to determine which software aligns best with your management goals and budget constraints.

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