July 15, 2022

Central Plaza Zurich boosts revenue with Visitor

Key facts

  • 25% increase in direct bookings
  • Doubled the number of google reviews
  • Up to 5 hours of work saved per week

Central Plaza is located in Central Square on the bank of the Limmat river where you can explore the best of Zurich. A favorite boarding destination for national and overseas tourists, this 4-star hotel is surrounded by iconic historical landmarks in the city, including the Swiss National Museum. The hotel features 103 fully furnished soundproof rooms, including elite suites and conference rooms. Guests enjoy the comfort of their stay and finger-licking BBQ food at the medieval-stylized Kings Cave Grill Restaurant & Bar.

Outdated FDS technology

Hotel Central Plaza joined the metasearch platforms around 2000. Today it appears on 25+ distribution channels. Despite promotions across OTAs and other online platforms, the hotel management struggled with vacant rooms and dropping revenues.

The front office department had issues with check-in processing, data access, and internal communication. Maintaining client data on MS office spreadsheets and paper invoicing delayed work as all payment data from excel sheets needed to be manually entered into the accounting system.

Switch to Visitor

Managing guests during the peak season was impossible when working on the old FDS software. The staff needed a multifaceted hotel management software to link other departmental modules into an automated system. 

Changing to Visitor came after a thorough discussion about the existing technical setup and possibilities to upgrade to a secure multi-module software solution. Integrating the channel manager and front desk software enabled automated data sync across extensions.

Automated Front Desk System 

The front desk team at Central Plaza Hotel now uses the built-in calendar to store client reservation schedules, create digital invoices and process check-ins. No more waiting in the lobby for key cards or payments.

When a client requests tea in the room, it is a matter of seconds for the front desk staff to inform the food & beverage service department of all details. Maintaining client data on Visitor has helped the sales and marketing team to develop customer relationship strategies.

Training and Technical Support

According to the head of the IT department, Visitor’s well-organised intuitive interface eased the training process for the front desk staff. With 99.99% uptime and a swift customer support care team, working on Visitor opened endless possibilities to improve work performance.

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