March 15, 2022

Hotel Browns Boutique increases revenue by 20% with Visitor

Key facts

  • Improved Front Desk System operations
  • Integrated cloud-based Channel Manager
  • Fast, easy, and automated availability updates

Located 550m from St. George’s Castle, Browns Boutique Hotel & Apartment features modish chic guest rooms, and an adjoining luxurious restaurant to bestow a fab vacation experience. Offering a suite of high-class amenities, it is a prime location for travelers looking for comfort and elegance.

Switch to Visitor 

Despite matchless hospitality, a pool of amenities, and advertising efforts, Browns Boutique Hotel struggled to get bookings. The marketing team is working with popular platforms like since 2013. 

In 2020, Maria Santos of the HR Department and her team geared up for comprehensive online advertisement support for Brown Group of Hotels and found Visitor's software solution quite impressive. 

She said, “before Visitor, we had no option to manage our advertisement programs across multiple channels. Our team had to handle time-consuming data uploading manually across various websites.”

Seamless channel accounts management

The cutting-edge channel manager proved beneficial for Maria’s team to take control of all portfolio accounts across metasearch platforms. Today the team updates information on all distribution channels directly from the dedicated dashboard. 

Digitalised front desk operations

Fatima revealed that Visitor enabled them to take their Front Desk System online. Now the reception is maintained by small team managing bills online and updating rooms, dates, and bookings on the central calendar. The guests do not have to wait long for paper-based entry forms or check-ins.

High-functional Mobile App

Just like the Browns Boutique team, all property owners using Visitor can manage their hotel directly from their smartphone. The advanced algorithms sync data across multiple devices, so it is easy to continue with the daily tasks anytime, anywhere. 


Increased visibility and bookings

After optimizing for metasearch across various channels, there was a hike in earnings of 20% in the first 6 months. Eyeing the results, the marketing team is now looking for newer options to diversify channel-based online promotions. 

All-in-one system

From Front Desk System to Channel Manager, Visitor offers a comprehensive software system for their business. Browns Boutique team achieved greater efficiency in handling communications, bookings and schedule management and fast automated check-ins. Maria said her team was happy to work on an intuitive, clutter-free dashboard. 

Active customer support

The staff at Browns Boutique Hotel was quick at understanding the new cloud-based system. After a short training session with the employees, the switch was quick and seamless.

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