April 15, 2022

Hotel Gran Canaria boosts revenue with Visitor

Key facts

  • Increased revenue by about 15%
  • Quick and simple initial setup
  • Up to 5 hours of work saved per week

Located within walking distance of the Gran Canaria island center, Hotel Gran Canaria is one of the most beautiful accommodation destinations with a glorious history. For the guests, the hotel itself is a magnificent tourist spot. Embellished in classic architecture, the interiors feature high ceilings, and a spa with pool.

Shift to Visitor's Front Desk System

Hotel Gran Canaria cordially receives international visitors every summer. Hotel Gran Canaria staff had a tough time dealing with the check-ins every peak season. A delay of 30-45 minutes was uninviting and blocked opportunities to scale-up performance and offer premium services. 

After integrating Visitor's Front Desk System in 2021, guests now enjoy a much more streamlined communication & check-in process.

Quick set up and training 

A few hours of training and the hotel staff was ready to go. Despite being new to the platform, the staff were impressed at how intuitive and easy to use Visitor's interface is.

Flexibility to update room rates instantly 

Changing price plans was a tedious task to perform across their 5 connected OTA channels. Using a channel manager was a great decision, giving them a 15% boost in revenue for the 2022 season.

24x7x365 Customer Support

Visitor's support team is there 24x7x365, working across 3 different timezones and 5 languages to quickly reply to any question the customers might have

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