May 15, 2022

Hotel O Myrtle Beach increases online visibility

Key insights

  • Improved online visibility across channels
  • Cloud-based automated system
  • Up to 5 hours of work saved per week

Hotel O Myrtle Beach is a 2-star inn located footsteps away from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. This budget lodging property boasts an outdoor pool and a series of amenities to keep the guests comfortable during their stay. Rooms include a kitchenette, microwave, mini fridge, desk, Wi-Fi access, TV and AC.

Fast, error-free automated system  

The hotel business suffered due to pandemic lockdowns in 2020. During this phase, the marketing team was determined to adopt cloud-based software to help their manage their business.

Hotel O Myrtle Beach registered with leading metasearch engines in March 2021. Today the hotel appears on all leading channels- Expedia, Bookings, Google Hotel Ads, Tripadvisor, Trivago, etc.  

But updating data on all platforms was a complex task, engaging the staff in hours of manual entries every day. In September 2021, Hotel O Myrtle Beach integrated Visitor into their business

Bookings increased by 20% in just 4 months  

Integrating with Visitor extended the opportunity to appear on more channels as well as taking reservations through the Own Website generated for them. After adopting the reformed advertising system, the hotel portfolio appeared in search results more frequently, bringing in more reservations.  

Seamless training and assistance

A few hours of training and the hotel staff was ready to go. Despite being new to the platform, the staff were impressed at how intuitive and easy to use Visitor's interface is.

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