September 17, 2022

Hotel Weinhaus Hoff Integrates Channel Distribution with Visitor

Key facts

  • Reformed hotel advertising strategy
  • Automated channel distribution
  • Up to 5 hours of work saved per week

Located in proximity to fascinating German tour hotspots- Lowenburg Castle, Adenauer Haus, and Schloss Drachenburg, this budget hotel is appreciated for top-notch hospitality, cozy rooms, and standard amenities. Hotel Weinhaus Hoff is one of the most preferred lodging destinations for domestic and international tourists.

From panoramic views of the scintillating bushy landscape to the convenience of living in allergy-free rooms, there are several reasons to make repeated reservations here. In 2021, Hotel Weinhaus Hoff integrated Visitor into their business.

Key Challenges with Channel Distribution Programs

Hotel Weinhaus Hoff has been promoting their rooms and services on premium advertising channels since 2016. Despite a planned marketing campaign, the marketing team struggled with data updates across multiple channels. The time needed to handle all the channels manually was too much and too error-prone.

Shift to Integrated Channel Management System

The decision to switch to an automated cloud-based channel manager came in the event of complexities cropping up due to manual entry errors, poor inventory updates, and delays in the work procedures.

After a quick discussion with a sales manager, the advertising program was integrated into Visitor’s channel manager. Managing channel distribution is now a seamless experience for the staff every day. From updating rates to changing inventories, it is a one-click operation.

Direct Bookings from Google

After joining Visitor, Hotel Weinhaus Hoff started receiving direct bookings via Google booking modules. Within 3 months, an increase in commission-free bookings by up to 25% allowed the hotelier to cut costs and boost revenues.

Data Sync Across Various Devices

Visitor channel manager software is accessible on all types of devices- PC/laptop, tablet, and smartphone. It allows the user to log in to the channel manager account on any device at any time. All information and entries are automatically updated to the account across all platforms.

Enhanced PMS Operations

Keeping a watch on performance across channels was a challenge. But monitoring the metrics on the Visitor dashboard eased the job. 

Integrating all channels into Visitor channel management software opened better opportunities for the marketing professionals at Hotel Weinhaus Hoff. Periodic reports are helpful to track analytics, develop strategies, improve sales and revenues, etc.

Reduced Staffing Expenses

The sales and marketing management at Hotel Weinhaus Hoff previously worked with multiple employees. This was inevitable on the outdated technology to keep data updated across various distribution platforms, monitor analytics, manage accounts, etc. After adding channel accounts to Visitor, the work was easy to do in a few clicks. It allowed the hotelier to work with a small team member while others employed others in various core areas.

Matchless Technical Support

The technical operators revealed that the entire process, from online demonstration to integration was a simple job. Now the hotel team enjoys working on Visitor daily on a bug-free, fast, and efficient channel management system.

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