January 15, 2022

Streamlined check-in experience at Hotel Rebenhaus

Key facts

  • Streamlined check-in process
  • Fully integrated with the rest of the system
  • Up to 5 hours of work saved per week

Hotel Rebenhaus is located in the Mosel Valley amidst serene, majestic mountain landscapes. This family-owned, 25-room hotel is perfect for guests looking for their cozy home away from home.

Starting in early 2021, Hotel Rebenhaus has implemented the Visitor system to streamline their operations and make their life easier. Since then, they’ve experienced significant quality of work improvement, saved time while reducing errors, and have been better able to tend to their guests with the level of efficiency and attentiveness they deserve.

No more manual errors

Hotel Rebenhaus knew that it needed to upgrade its technology stack to drive the business forward. Luckily enough, they found Visitor through a recommendation.

Having eliminated the risk of double bookings due to manual errors, Hotel Rebenhaus feels a lot happier and more confident managing their business.

Gone are the days of spreadsheets paired with word processors. The hospitality industry has entered a new era driven by innovation and convenience, and Hotel Rebenhaus has felt excited and empowered by being a part of it. Now, they save upwards of 5 hours per week–time they can spend taking better care of their customers and generating more revenue for their family business.

Integrated and streamlined check-in process

An efficient, guest centered check-in process starts with user-friendly front desk technology. Using Visitor’s check-in feature, the reception at Hotel Rebenhaus can effortlessly check-in guests from the sleek desktop app with minimal effort.

Paperless check-in allows staff to register guests away from the front desk when appropriate — perhaps seated in the guest lounge or after showing the guest to their room — for a more convenient, guest centered check-in experience.


“The software is based around the guests more than it is based around the property, and they provide multiple tools to make the check-in process easier for both the guests as well as the staff” said Lena Schneider, General Manager of Hotel Rebenhaus.

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