Do you have unanswered questions? No problem, we created a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you're still unable to find the right answer, always feel free to give us a message - we are always happy to help you.


What is a channel manager?

A channel manager is a tool which allows you to list all your rooms on all connected booking sites at the same time. It will when automatically update your availability in real-time on all platforms when a booking is made, when you close a room to sale manually, or when you want to make bulk changes to your inventory.

What is the Front desk system

A Front Desk System (short PMS) is software that facilitates an accommodations operations such as reservations, rate and occupancy management, guest data and channel management.

What are the advantages of the Visitor hotel software?

The main advantage is the digitalization of your work processes, which means that you save a lot of time due to the front desk system automating many time-consuming processes and procedures.

What is the function of a Direct booking engine?

Guests will be able to interact with your direct booking engine via a ‘Book now’ button on your website or social media sites. They will then be able to view available rooms and rates, and complete their reservation in a just a couple of simple steps.

Where can I use the direct booking engine?

You are able to accept bookings via your booking engine on your own accommodation website as well as on your social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

What is the difference between a channel manager and a booking engine?

The Booking Engine allows your customers to book a room via your website. The Channel Manager manages all other bookings as well as those of your Booking Engine. This way, all of your booking channels are permanently kept up to date, automatically.

What is the Dashboard?

The Visitor Dashboard is the first screen you will see once you've logged in. This page acts as the main page of the system, it contains all the most important information to run your business. A calendar shows you all bookings from all channels in a sorted and easy to understand way. Check-ins and Check-outs are listed, so you’re always in absolute control of your operations.

What is a website builder

A website builder is a tool that creates a fully functional, mobile-friendly, and search engine optimised website for your property instantly. It doesn’t require a web designer to build or keep it updated – all the work is already done and ready to go. All it requires is for you to input some information and content, and also a taste of which design style you want to achieve.

How can I use a website to increase direct bookings?

You can drive direct bookings on your website by integrating an online booking engine.

How long will it take to create my accommodation website?

In just a few minutes you can have a brand new website up and running.

What are the benefits of an accommodation having a direct booking website?

A user-friendly website is crucial to attract attention to your accommodation. Travellers want to see pictures, descriptions and other information before they make a booking. Once you have a website, it will be much easier to attract visitors and thus increase the booking rate.

How safe is my data?

All sensitive information is always encrypted. Our browser webpage is secured via HTTPS. We encrypt our clients data using AES-256.

We don’t have a website, can we still use the direct booking engine?

Yes. Our System allows you to use the direct booking engine as your main webpage.

Is it possible to accept or reject bookings manually?

Visitor supports this function wherever the OTA allows it.

Do I have to download a software?

No. You don't need to download any software. Visitor is a fully cloud-based service that is available anytime, anywhere and on all your internet-enabled devices.

Can I try Visitor for free?

Yes. You can test Visitor for a full month without any obligations, including all available functions. After the first 30 days your trial runs out automatically. If you want to keep using Visitor, you need to subscribe.

Are there any setup fees or commission charges?

No. There are no setup fees/onboarding fees or any additional commission taken on your bookings.

Does Visitor offer additional discounts?

Yes. Additionally to the 20% discount in our yearly plan, if you own or manage more than 20 units, please contact us for a quote.

Do I need to sign a contract?

There is no need to provide any card details or sign any contracts, sing up for Visitors free trial without any obligations.

How does the 30-Day free trial work?

We want to show you the value we provide you. To make it as easy as possible, we don’t need any payment details. You are free to use all Visitor features for the period of 30 days. After 30 days you can choose a plan that best suits you.

Do I have to pay a commission for bookings via my booking engine?

No. If you use Visitor you only need to pay the monthly/yearly subscription rate. It includes all features.


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