About us


Our story

Back in 2019, The Visitor founders had experienced the same type of needs as their current users face today, a hotel management software which is cheap, easy to understand and specifically built for small to mid size accommodations.

In doing so, we have created the fastest growing start-up in the hotel management industry and we are onboarding hundreds of new customers each month. Join the movement and let's revolutionise the way hotels manage their business together.

The Founders


CEO & Founder

Cristian Tomescu


COO & Co-Founder

Marcel Müller

Sales/Marketing/Support: Matthias 🇩🇪, Tobias 🇩🇪 and Katia 🇬🇧

IT: Luiz 🇵🇹 and Anna 🇭🇺

Our values


Customer first

We are driven by relentless customer focus and work vigorously to earn and maintain customer trust.



We are a team of self-driven individuals and hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality.


Embrace the adventure

We are excited about being part of this adventure together and make an active effort to bring joy and positivity into the team.



We aim to achieve more for less and always aim to invest our resources in the most impactful way.

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