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About us


Our story

In 2021, the Visitor founders faced the same problem that their current users do today - finding a hotel software solution that provides a great user experience, is easy to understand, and is specifically designed for small to midsize accommodations.

They both had extensive knowledge developing digital products and saw a market opportunity. They founded Visitor with the goal of providing excellent customer service as well as a user-friendly product that is beautiful, simple, and easy to use.

The Founders


CEO & Founder

Alex Varanik

  • Over 8 years of engineering & marketing experience, working mostly with early stage start-ups
  • First employee and then first engineer in multiple succesful start-ups

COO &  Co-Founder

Marcel Muller

  • 1 Year working for B&P India on various projects all over India & Asia
  • 2 Years of experience in B2B Sales, specified in direct customer communication

Our values


Customer first

We are driven by relentless customer focus and work vigorously to earn and maintain customer trust.



We are a team of self-driven individuals and hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality.


Embrace the adventure

We are excited about being part of this adventure together and make an active effort to bring joy and positivity into the team.



We aim to achieve more for less and always aim to invest our resources in the most impactful way.

One System.
One Support Team.

Visitor is there for you. 24/7/365. We’re more than a software company - we’re the trusted partner of independent hotels, hostels, b&b,  rental properties and more. Rest assured knowing you have reliable, fast customer support.


Support in 5 different languages


Average rating across platforms

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