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Digitizing your accommodation yourself can lead to a lot of work and frustration. Large hotel chains have the resources to do this, smaller hotels can sometimes lack the time, knowledge and recources to handle this effort themselves.

Visitor hotel software was founded out of this problem. Our goal is to make this process easier for you with a comprehensible and easy-to-use software, without spending a lot of time and investment. So you can concentrate on what is important - your guests.

The Visitor Hotel Software Team

The Founders of Visitor


Christian Tomescu

Full-stack engineer and architect, entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. Before founding Visitor, Christian successfully led several start-ups companies throughout the early-stage phases as a senior software engineer.


Marcel Müller

Entrepreneur with the goal of assisting the accommodation industry on its way into the digital age. As COO, Marcel is interested in accompanying you on this path with innovative software solutions.

Our values

Values of Visitor: Drive


We are a team of self-driven individuals who hold ourselves to a high standard of quality to always ensure our customers are impressed.

Values of Visitor: Customers always first

Customer first

Visitor is driven by relentless customer focus. We believe that customers always want the best, and it is our mission to deliver that to them.

Values of Visitor: Embrace the adventure

Embrace the adventure

As a young and ambitious team, we are excited about being part of this journey together and make an active effort to bring joy and positivity into the team.

Values of Visitor: Embrace the adventure


We aim to achieve more for less and always aim to invest our resources in the most impactful way.

Visitor Hotelsoftware, Marcel Mueller

At Visitor, customer support is at the heart of everything we do. Our highest ambition is to make your work easier. As a young and ambitious team, we are ready to go the extra mile to make you, our customer, happy and satisfied. We look forward to accompanying you on the road to digitalization.

Marcel Müller (COO and Co-FOUNDER)

More reasons to choose Visitor..

Visitor made in Germany
Made in Germany
Visitor has been founded in 2020. Since then, well known brands and international companies invest in our future.
Visitor subscription
All-in one subscription
We provide you all the important features within our subscription, at no extra costs.
Visitor is all mobile friendly
Visitor is designed to look and function perfectly on all your devices, wherever you are.
Safety always first
100% GDPR
The protection of your data is one of our highest priorities. We ensure that all processes and transactions are GDPR-compliant.

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