Front Desk System

Visitor’s Front Desk System (PMS) puts time back in your hands and lets you focus on what really matters - keeping your guests happy.

One central calendar which helps you reduce errors and save time by automatically updating your room inventory across all distribution channels with a click.

Take control of your reservations

The Front Desk System helps you deliver an exceptional guest experience by automating manual, repetitive tasks.

Easy to use and easy to learn

Our drag-and-drop calendar makes it easy to manage your property. You get one central hub for everything where you can easily manage change your availability, rates and minimum stay.

Quick & Easy Price Changes

One-click price changes across all your connected channels. Easily offset OTA commission fees by increasing the percentage on certain platforms.

Quick Check-in / Check-out

Streamline your check-in & check-out process, your guests can check-in before they arrive. Paperwork such as entry forms are a thing of the past.

Beautiful and intuitive

Our sleek dashboard provides you with a birds-eye view of your property. You get one central calendar where you can easily manage your bookings, availability and rates.

Reduce errors and save time by automatically updating your room inventory across all distribution channels with one single click.


Control from anywhere

You have the ability to view real-time data about your hotel's occupancy, revenue, and guest satisfaction as well as manage and monitor your hotel's front desk operations from anywhere, at any time.

Using Visitor’s Mobile App, you can remotely check in and check out guests, assign rooms, and handle requests and inquiries. This allows you to stay on top of your hotel's front desk operations, even when you're away from the property.

One System.
One Support Team.

Visitor is there for you. 24/7/365. We’re more than a software company - we’re the trusted partner of independent hotels, hostels, b&b,  rental properties and more. Rest assured knowing you have reliable, fast customer support.


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FAQ - Front Desk System

What is a Front Desk System?
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A Front Desk System (PMS) is a software that makes your life easier when handling reservations, rates, occupancy, guest data and channel management.

How does a hotel Front Desk System work?
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A hotel Front Desk System centralises all your reservations into one simple to use interface which helps you simplify and automate your day to day tasks.

What are the key benefits of using a hotel Front Desk System?
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Your hotel Front Desk System will help you save time by automating your day to day tasks such as handling customer communication, check-ins and syncing availability and prices giving you more time back in your day to focus on what matters most - your guests.

Can I try Visitor for free?
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Yes, we invite you to see what Visitor can do for you with a 30 day trial period. No contract, credit card or obligation.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
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Absolutely, we aim to make your life as easy as possible so with us, there are no lock-in contracts and you can easily cancel at any point.

How can I start?
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Click here to schedule a 15 minute introduction video with one of our friendly sales experts.

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