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FAQ - Pricing

How can I pay for my Visitor account?

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We accept all major credit cards and SEPA direct debits. We also support transactions in a range of currencies.

Are there any setup fees or commissions for bookings?

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No. There are no setup fees/onboarding fees and we do not take any commission on your bookings.

What happens if I add additional rooms?

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You may add additional rooms to your property at any time. You will be notified if adding more rooms places you into a higher pricing threshold.

Can I try Visitor for free?

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Of course, we have a 30 day free trial period. No contract, credit card or obligation.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

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Absolutely – we aim to make your life as easy as possible so with us, there are no lock-in contracts, and you can cancel anytime you choose.

How can I start?

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Click here to schedule a 15 minute introduction video with one of our friendly sales Experts.

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