February 29, 2024

9 Tips on How to Write a Great Airbnb Guest Review

February 29, 2024
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9 Tips on How to Write a Great Airbnb Guest Review

Raul Tomescu
CEO & Founder


Airbnb reviews affect guests' decisions, and nowadays many studies have shown that they are consulted a lot before making a decision. As an accommodation provider, it is essential that you place a high priority on these, because if you don't, you may be left behind your competitors. In the following article, I will explain why it is important for you to respond to Airbnb reviews and how this can have a positive impact on you as a host in the hospitality industry.

The Significance of Airbnb Reviews

I am aware that accommodation providers can be busy with many other activities besides Airbnb Reviews. But you need to know that if you focus on these and respond to them appropriately, you can achieve the following positive results:

✅ Positive feedback,

✅ More bookings,

✅ More guests,

✅ Trustworthiness,

✅ Larger circle of connections.

Airbnb Review is important not only for the guest, but also for the host, as you can help other hosts with your answers about your guests' experiences.

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What Is the Difference Between Airbnb Host Reviews and Guest Reviews?

The hospitality experience from the guest's and the host's point of view is obviously not the same. Airbnb allows not only guests but also hosts to value/review their guests. In this case, it is important to pay attention to content, tone and writing style in your review guest on Airbnb.

In this article, we approach the topic from the perspective of the host, and it's a good thing that Airbnb allows its community to do this to enhance the experience.

9 Tips on How to Write a Good Airbnb Review

Let's jump into the centre of why this article was written. Below, I've collected 11 tips that can help you in the hospitality industry to write good Airbnb reviews.

1️⃣ Be Honest: Provide Genuine Feedback on Your Guest's Stay

It's very important to be honest when it comes to Airbnb reviews. If your guests have met your criteria, for example, they have left a tidy, quiet place. You can write these down so that other hosts will have no problem accepting them.

If you have negative experiences, it's important not to keep these to yourself, but write them down too, for example, that they were noisy, didn't arrive on time and didn't even mention that they would be late.

2️⃣ Highlight Positives: Showcase Positive Aspects and Experiences

Be friendly, but don't overdo it. It's important to always highlight the positive experiences you have with your guests. This will ensure that your reviews will delight your guests and keep them coming back. This will help you become trustworthy and boost your reputation. Your guests will not only be satisfied with the accommodation, but also with you as a host, and you can motivate them to follow the rules again next time.

3️⃣ Effective Communication: Evaluating the Quality of Guest Interaction

Effective communication is essential for a positive Aribnb experience and Airbnb review. If you are going to provide feedback on how well you and the guest communicated, make sure you include the following:

❔ How fast was the communication?

❔ How smooth was the communication?

❔ Did they ask for clarification when they needed?

4️⃣ Property Evaluation: Appraising the Guest's Maintenance of Your Space

It is important to highlight the level of respect your guests showed for the house rules. In this case, you should include in your evaluation how good they left the property, how clean they left the property. This will highlight that your guests were responsible and will also show your potential guests what a responsible guest means to you.

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5️⃣ Seamless Check-in/Check-out: Recognizing Punctuality and Cooperation

Smooth check-in and check-out processes contribute significantly to a positive guest experience. In your feedback, acknowledge guests' punctuality and cooperation during these processes. Include that they followed the agreed schedule? Appreciating such cooperation will encourage future guests to follow suit, creating a seamless and hassle-free experience for hosts and guests as well.

6️⃣ Future Host Consideration: Expressing Willingness to Welcome the Guest Again

You can also make a positive impact by expressing in your feedback that you want your guests to come back. It's also recommended that you always highlight this, as it can help you increase the number of bookings you get and also increase the number of potential future guests.

7️⃣ Issue Resolution: Focusing on the Negatives, Without Conflict and Being Offensive

When posting Airbnb Reviews, it's important to focus on the negatives. That's why it's recommended to use assertive communication, but be honest. This will also help other hosts avoid problems. It is important to be careful about your tone and not to be offensive in your response.

8️⃣ Star-Studded Rating: Offering a Quick Overall Assessment with Stars

You can not only characterise your guests with words, but also with a star rating. A star rating is a powerful way to communicate the overall impression of the guest, which can also help other hosts in making their decisions. Were you satisfied and did everything go well with your guests? Go for the 5-star rating. If you weren't satisfied, you can give a 1 or 2 star rating.

9️⃣ Timely Feedback: Ensuring Your Review is Submitted Within the 14-Day Window

You have 14 days to write an Airbnb Guest Review after they have left your accommodation. It is recommended to write this immediately afterwards so that you don't forget. If you pay attention to this, you can also increase your reliability and credibility. By following the above tips/points you can achieve really good results.

Living room of a vacation home.

What Is a Good Airbnb Guest Review Example?

Now that you know the criteria for writing a review, let's look at specific examples of positive and negative reviews.

Positive Review

"Exceptional guest!(Name). Excellent communication, maximum respect for our property and the property was spotlessly clean on departure. We welcome him back and highly recommend him to our fellow hosts!"

Negative Review

"We've had a challenging experience with (Name). Communication was poor, property rules were not followed, and the overall hosting experience was difficult. Unfortunately, we would not recommend them to other hosts."


Overall, for hosts, these reviews can have a big impact on the number of bookings and booking experiences. By communicating effectively and using the tips above, you can improve your reputation and maximise your hosting industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Why are Airbnb reviews important for accommodation providers?

Airbnb reviews significantly influence guests' decisions, and prioritizing them can lead to positive outcomes, including more bookings, increased trustworthiness, and a broader network of connections.

❓ How can Airbnb reviews benefit hosts beyond positive feedback?

Positive Airbnb reviews not only enhance your reputation but also contribute to increased bookings, a larger guest base, and a trustworthy image within the hospitality industry.

❓ What sets Airbnb host reviews apart from guest reviews?

While both guests and hosts can provide reviews on Airbnb, the content, tone, and writing style vary. This article focuses on the perspective of hosts, emphasizing the importance of their responses to enhance the overall experience.

❓ Why is effective communication crucial in Airbnb reviews?

Evaluating the quality of guest interaction, including communication speed, smoothness, and clarification, is essential for a positive Airbnb experience, fostering better understanding between hosts and guests.

❓ How can hosts address property evaluation in their Airbnb reviews?

Hosts should appraise guests' maintenance of the property, emphasizing cleanliness and adherence to house rules. This not only showcases responsible guests but also communicates hosting expectations to potential guests.

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