April 20, 2024

Airbnb Occupancy Rate: Do You Know What It Is?

April 20, 2024
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Airbnb Occupancy Rate: Do You Know What It Is?

Raul Tomescu
CEO & Founder


Airbnb is now one of the best-known platforms. In the following article, I will show you what an Airbnb Occupancy Rate is and how you can calculate it. You'll also find out which are the most popular cities in France, and I've put together some tips to help you generate more income.

Let's start at the beginning, what is an Airbnb Occupancy Rate? By calculating the Occupancy Rate, you can find out what percentage of your accommodation is booked by guests in terms of the number of days it's available for rent. Performance is actually measured by defining a KPI, which is nothing more than a key performance indicator.

But why is this necessary? By calculating it, you can make better analyses and even better correlations with seasonal trends over a period of time. Tracking the occupancy rate is recommended throughout the year in most cases, as it can play a key role in the performance evaluation.

Calculate Your Airbnb Occupancy Rate Easily!

Let's see how you can calculate your Airbnb Occupancy Rate easily. First, to do the calculations, you need to determine the following:

✅ How many days in total your accommodation has been rented on Airbnb for a month or even a whole year

✅ Then calculate how many days of that period your accommodation was actually booked by guests on Airbnb

You can then use the general formula, which looks like this:

Occupancy = (Number of days booked/Total number of days available)*100.

On What Does the Rental Income Depend?

You may ask the question, what does rental income depend on? As each city has different characteristics, it is recommended to analyse them from different angles. It is important to point out that many cities are seasonal, which means that occupancy rates can vary between 30% and 50% during the summer.

Of course, this does not mean in full that rental income will be excellent on the Airbnb platform, because for example, many cities that are seasonal offer high income despite low occupancy throughout the year.

Living room of a vacation home.

Which Are the Best Performing French Cities in Terms of Rental Income?

Below are some cities that offer excellent yields, and statistics show that occupancy does not necessarily affect rental returns.

✅ Paris

The iconic city of Paris consistently proves its worth as a rental hotspot. Despite being renowned for its high living costs, Paris offers substantial returns for property investors. Its perennial allure ensures a steady stream of tourists and visitors throughout the year, contributing to its robust rental market.

✅ Lyon

Look no further than cities like Lyon, Toulouse, and Nantes. These vibrant urban centers boast thriving rental markets, attracting both tourists and long-term tenants alike. With a lower cost of living compared to Paris, they present attractive opportunities for property investment.


✅ Chamonix

Nestled amidst the stunning French Alps, Chamonix stands out as a prime destination for both winter sports enthusiasts and summer adventurers. Its popularity as a year-round destination ensures consistent demand for rental properties, making it a reliable choice for investors seeking high rental yields.


The allure of the French Riviera extends beyond its picturesque landscapes to its lucrative rental market. Nice, with its Mediterranean charm and vibrant atmosphere, attracts tourists and travelers throughout the year. Whether it's sun-drenched beaches or cultural excursions, Nice offers a diverse range of attractions that contribute to its robust rental income potential.

✅ Bordeaux

Renowned for its exquisite wines and rich cultural heritage, Bordeaux emerges as a promising destination for property investors. Its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, coupled with its thriving tourism industry and growing economy, positions Bordeaux as a city with substantial rental income opportunities.

Airbnb Income Boost: Best Tips

Before you start anything, it's recommended to start with a well-developed revenue and business strategy that will make the hospitality industry profitable for you. In any case, do your analysis and assess the market from the following points of view:

  • Competition analysis (prices, properties for rent)
  • Rental demand, i.e. target group assessment
  • Price strategy (here it is also important to analyse the competition)
  • A detailed business plan and its follow-up.


By taking the above into account, you can calculate the price you should set for the rental, and it is important to take into account any extra expenses you may incur along the way, as well as how much you have invested in the property. These can make for an excellent seasonal rental business.

Seasonal Rentals: What Do You Need to Know?

Seasonal rentals can be profitable if you focus on your property on Airbnb. What does that mean? This industry is very complex. If you want to advertise your accommodation on Airbnb, it is recommended that you prepare a detailed description and use high quality images.

A very good tip is to put yourself in the shoes of your guests and make it look like a place that you would be happy to rent and stay in. In order to reach more guests, it is recommended to use several platforms such as Arbitel or. Both platforms are excellent for these purposes.

Living room of a vacation home.

Finally, try to be unique from your competitors. Pay attention to your guests' feedback, and make sure that you also give feedback about your guests. Obviously, it takes an investment of time and energy, but it is sure in the long run you will get a positive experience.


Overall, seasonal renting is a great option, but don't forget to do your research. Your ads should be outstanding, of high quality and you should always analyse the competitors. If you want to have a presence on several platforms, I recommend Visitor Channel Manager, which will make your daily life easier and give you much better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What is Airbnb Occupancy Rate?

Airbnb Occupancy Rate measures the percentage of time your accommodation is booked by guests compared to the total time it's available for rent.

❓ How do I calculate my Airbnb Occupancy Rate?

Simply divide the number of days your accommodation was booked by guests by the total number of days available, then multiply by 100.

❓ Why is knowing my Airbnb Occupancy Rate important?

Understanding your occupancy rate allows for better analysis of performance and helps in correlating with seasonal trends, aiding in performance evaluation and pricing strategies.

❓ Does occupancy rate directly correlate with rental income?

While occupancy rates can vary seasonally, rental income may not always directly correspond. Some cities with lower occupancy rates still offer high rental income due to other factors like demand and pricing strategies.

❓ How can I boost my Airbnb income?

To enhance your Airbnb income, focus on competitive pricing strategies, target audience analysis, and comprehensive business planning. Additionally, ensure high-quality property descriptions, utilize multiple platforms for visibility, and strive for uniqueness to stand out among competitors.

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