May 2, 2024

Comparing Smoobu vs. Visitor: Features and Pricing

May 2, 2024
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Comparing Smoobu vs. Visitor: Features and Pricing

Raul Tomescu
CEO & Founder


The hospitality industry is evolving rapidly and it is becoming increasingly difficult for accommodation providers to keep up with the competition, so hotel software can be a great help. Not only does it help you keep up with the competition, but it can also help you increase your bookings, boost your revenue, make your workflow easier and give you a better online presence.

In the following article, I will introduce you to the two best hotel software, which are Visitor and Smoobu. We will also go into more detail about the features, differences and pricing, this will help you choose the best one that can help you in your hotel business.

Visitor Hotel Software

The Visitor Hotel Software is a great choice for accommodation providers who have small to medium accommodations. It has many features to help you achieve your goals and offers a very easy interface, making it suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. It can make your workflow easier and simpler, which is very important in the hospitality industry.

Visitor interface.

With Visitor Hotel Software, you can easily handle bookings, automate guest check-ins and check-outs, keep track of money, and have all guest info in one place. It links up with travel websites and booking sites for quick updates.

Benefits of Visitor Hotel Software:

✅ Streamlined reservation management: Easy booking handling means no confusion on availability, cutting down on booking mistakes.

✅ Efficient guest communication: Send automatic messages, booking confirmations, and chat for feedback to make guests happier.

✅ Channel Manager: the Channel Manager feature helps you to have a better online visibility.

✅ Mobile App: manage your bookings anywhere, anytime thanks to the mobile app. You can improve the guest experience with faster responses.

Visitor mobile app.

✅ Reporting and analytics: Get useful reports on how busy you are, how much revenue you make, who your guests are, and more, to help run your place better.

✅ Seamless integrations: Connect with big payment services, accounting systems, and more, making managing your money and reaching out to guests smoother.

✅ Visitor Hotel Software is packed with benefits, making it good for hotels and peers in the hospitality field. It offers lots of features and links with others well. This helps rental owners manage better, make guests happier, and maximize the revenue.

Smoobu Software for Short Term and Vacation Rentals

If you own a vacation rental, Smoobu all in one software for short period is perfect for you. It makes managing your rentals easier and boosts your bookings. Smoobu offers many features for short term vacation rentals.

Smoobu interface.

Efficient Rental Management

With Smoobu, you can make your workflow easier by managing your listings, bookings and communicate with your guests from one place thanks to efficient rental management. You can also manage your prices from one place for all platforms.

Automated Messaging

One great feature is Smoobu's automated messaging. It lets you send personal messages to guests during their whole stay. This includes confirming their booking, check-in info, and a follow-up after they leave. It keeps you in touch and gives guests a smooth experience.

Powerful Channel Manager

Via a channel manager, Smoobu communicates with, Airbnb, and other websites. This prevents double booking by keeping all of your reservations in one location. It also guarantees the accuracy of your availability at all times. This is a great way to relieve stress and save time.

Flexible Pricing Plans

No matter the number of properties you own, Smoobu offers a variety of cost-effective options. Plans that are monthly or annual are available. As more characteristics are required, add them. Fair price adjustments are made. Because of its adaptability, Smoobu expands together with your company.

Your rental business can succeed with Smoobu. Everything runs more smoothly and effectively thanks to its features. Explore how Smoobu can help you achieve your goals and demands as a rental business.

Key Features of Visitor

Visitor brings many important benefits to hotels and hospitality businesses. It shines in meeting the unique needs of hotels, unlike Smoobu.

✅ Reservation System

With Visitor, hotels get a full reservation system. This lets guests book rooms on the hotel's website. It makes bookings quick and easy for both guests and staff.

✅ Online Check-In

Visitor makes checking in online possible. This takes the hassle out of checking in, saving time for guests and reducing front desk work. It also provides a safe, contactless option, which is key for today.

✅ Your Own Website

Building a strong online presence is crucial. For this, Visitor offers a simple website builder just for hotels. It lets hotels make their own sites with ease, showing what they offer in an attractive way.

Your own website example.

✅ Customer Support

Good customer support is essential, and Visitor gets that. Visitor offers direct phone support for property owners. This gives them expert help and answers quickly whenever needed.

Choosing between Smoobu and Visitor comes down to your business's specific needs. It's crucial to look closely at what each option offers to see which fits best for you.

Visitor customer support.

Key Features of Smoobu All In One Software

Smoobu is great for your vacation rental business. It has many features to make things easier and increase your bookings. Here are some of its best aspects:

1. Powerful Channel Manager

The channel manager in Smoobu is amazing. It links your property to sites like Airbnb and, ensuring your info is always current. This stops double bookings and saves you a lot of time.

2. Easy Integration with Booking Portals

Integrating your rentals with top booking sites is a breeze with Smoobu. Its simple interface lets you update your property details quickly. This helps make your brand look good and strengthens your credibility.

3. Personalized guest messages

Personalized guest messages are key to great hospitality. With Smoobu, you can send automated, custom messages at any time. This keeps guests informed, reduces your work, and makes guests happy.

Smoobu templates.

4. Blocked Dates and Availability Management

Keeping track of when your property is available is important. Smoobu's calendar is easy to use, letting you manage your rental's open dates and closures. This makes sure guests know when they can book.

5. Financial Overview and Reporting

You can plainly see your company's finances with the help of Smoobu software vendor. It offers thorough reports on your earnings, outlays, and the frequency of bookings for your property. These reports provide you a better understanding of your company and show you how to increase revenue.

In addition to all of these advantages, Smoobu provides tools to streamline other aspects of your organization. This provides an easy method for handling cleaning, responding to feedback from visitors, and safely processing money. Because of the software's ease of use, your work is made easier.

All things considered, Smoobu is the best option for managers of vacation rentals. Its comprehensive channel management, smooth integrations, user-friendly messaging, and lucid financial data assist business owners in streamlining their operations and increasing revenue.

Integrations with Smoobu

Smoobu changes the game by easily connecting with top booking platforms. This includes well-known sites like Airbnb,, and HomeAway. This connection makes managing your rentals simpler and more efficient. Smoobu also has CMS integrations.

Smoobu CMS integrations.

Linking your Smoobu with booking channels lets you oversee all bookings in one place. No more jumping between sites. This avoids mistakes like booking the same place twice.

Smoobu syncs help you do your job better. They make your work smoother and faster, giving guests a better stay. You keep all your booking details in check, update prices, and answer quickly, which means more visitors and earnings.

Plus, connecting Smoobu with the big players lets more people find your spot. This link keeps your info updated everywhere, without you having to do it manually. It's a win for guest-hunting with less work for you.

Integrations with Visitor

Visitor is a top hotel software provider known for its many connections to booking sites. It focuses on helping hotels run smoothly. This includes linking up with well-known booking platforms to make bookings and operations easier for you.

Visitor Front Desk System.

You can link Visitor to major booking websites, making handling reservations a breeze. Although not as extensive as Smoobu for properties, Visitor's links are still very useful.

Integrating Visitor with your favorite booking sites helps with many tasks. You can easily update what rooms are available or avoid booking the same room twice. This makes booking stress-free for guests and keeps your rooms well-organized.

Pricing for Visitor

The price at Visitor's may vary according on your need. Therefore, it is best to get in touch with the Visitor team for precise pricing for your hotel or rentals. They provide both a free trial and a monthly plan for owners of real estate.

Visitor is aware that every business is unique. For this reason, they establish unique prices. You may acquire a quote that suits your demands and budget by getting in touch with the staff.

Visitor wants to assist hotel managers or motels with appropriate price. To find out how Visitor may alter the pricing plans for you, get in touch with the staff. You can discover the ideal plan for your company in this method.

Visitor pricing.

Smoobu Pricing

Smoobu pricing packages has plans that fit any vacation rental owner's needs. Whether you have one place or many, there's a plan just for you.

The basic plan is great for those with a single property. It gives you everything you need to run your rental smoothly, all at a fair price. The starting price is 29 euros. The Smoobu offer is great.

If you want to save more, there's a yearly plan. This plan is discounted, helping you manage your rentals while saving money. Free trial is also available and you get more features.

Smoobu pricing.

Got more than one property? Smoobu's got you. They'll set you up with a price that fits your expanding business. With this, you can grow your rental business economically.

Pick the Smoobu pricing plan that matches your needs and budget. It's perfect for beginners or for those with many properties. Smoobu is all-in-one, cost-effective solution for all vacation rental managers.

User-Friendly Interface and Overall Rating

An intuitive user interface is essential for vacation rental software for owners of rental properties. Smoobu and Visitor standout in terms of usability. This facilitates your navigation throughout the software.

Smoobu only focuses on holiday rentals. It is designed with landlords in mind. Due to its straightforward design, it is a popular choice.

While visitor is mostly for hotels, it also has a user-friendly interface. However, for vacation rentals, Smoobu Software Vendor might be superior. It has functions created just for them.

When selecting software, ratings and reviews are helpful. They let you know how user-friendly a program is. Smoobu is frequently complimented on its functionalities and rental owner-friendly approach.

Visitor reviews.

Choosing software that's easy to use is important. Smoobu’s design and features can make managing your rentals better. It improves your holiday rental business's efficiency, making things run smoother.


When looking at Smoobu and Visitor, think about what you really need. Both can help property owners. It's made just for vacation rentals and comes with many features. Smoobu makes managing rentals easier and boosts bookings. But Visitor is an excellent choice for accommodation providers with small to medium accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What is Smoobu?

Smoobu is made for people who own vacation rentals. It helps manage properties better and get more bookings.

❓ What is Visitor Hotel Software?

Visitor is for hotels and businesses in hospitality. It has many tools, which could work for some rental owners too.

❓ What are the key features of Smoobu?

Smoobu makes managing vacation homes easy. It has tools like a channel manager and connects to booking sites. You can also set up automatic messages and block off dates.

❓ What are the key features of Visitor?

Visitor helps with reservations and has online check-in. It can build websites and offers customer support. It's great for hotels, but some tools may be useful for rentals.

❓ Can Smoobu sync with booking platforms?

Yes, Smoobu works well with booking sites like Airbnb. It helps you see all reservations in one place and prevents double bookings.

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