January 21, 2024

Host's Guide to Success: Key Insights About Ferienhausmiete

January 21, 2024
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Host's Guide to Success: Key Insights About Ferienhausmiete

Raul Tomescu
CEO & Founder


The booking portal Ferienhausmiete, founded in 2004, is a German portal and in contrast to other booking platforms, it is managed by the owners. Next, we will delve into the portal's features, providing a detailed overview and highlighting its main attributes.

Who is Daniel Zilko?

Daniel Zilko has been running the above-mentioned portal and promoting his expertise for no less than 20 years. Today, there are 150,000 holiday rentals available on the Ferienhausmiete platform, which also has no less than 15 million visitors. In recent years, the portal has grown a lot, as it is now available in more than 8 languages and their advertising is extended to 8 different platforms.

Win-Win: Property Owners and Vacationers

In fact, with this platform, both accommodation providers and guests benefit. Although there are many similar platforms already, what makes this platform different? Let's look at the more specific benefits:

✅ Travel guides are available,

✅ Host guides are available,

✅ Host guides offer simple communication,

✅ Free advertising tips.

Promoting Your Vacation Property: Essential Information

If you decide to advertise your accommodation on this platform, you should follow the same basic steps as on other platforms. Here are the most important steps and facts to keep in mind.

Registration is the First Step

Before you do anything, the first and most important step is to register. The platform is easy to use, which means it only takes a few minutes to register.

A picture of the Ferienhausmiete’s registration form.

Personalize Your Listings!

After registration you will be able to add your listings, which you can also personalise. Here you should also focus on quality images and quality descriptions. As quality images are one of the most important factors in this industry, pay attention to the following:

✅ When choosing images, make sure that the minimum size is 1024 x 682 pixels,

✅ The ideal format is 3:2,

✅ The images should not be larger than 10 GB.

To add images to your listing, simply click on the Images tab and select the images you want to upload. Images can be easily uploaded from your own device.

Pricing and Top Advertisement

As a side note, if you wish to promote your accommodation on this portal, the cost is €10 net per month. Additionally, there are no commissions, extra service or booking fees, and no automatic renewal. Planning for a two-year plan offers a 5% discount. For hosts with more than 10 rental properties, consulting the portal is necessary for special pricing. In such cases, the offer will be more economical, costing less than €100 per advertisement per year.

Ferienhausmiete also offers TOP advertising, which means that for €29 per month, you can reserve the best advertisement. TOP advertising costs more, but it also has several advantages, which include being in the top 2 places in the results list and the possibility to book on the landing page of the region.

Top regions on Ferienhausmiete.

Your Guests' Opinions Matter!

The visibility of your holiday home on the holiday home rental platform is not just about money. Today, the opinion of others still matters a lot, and in this context it's about your own guests.

You can increase your holiday home's ranking by getting good reviews and encouraging more bookings, all you need is that what you offer must be high quality and your holiday home must provide an unforgettable experience for your guests.

You will always have to face competitors, but in order to stand out you also have to be unique, money isn't everything.

Renting a Vacation Home: Reservations and Cancellations

There are several booking options available on Ferienhausmiete. The process is very simple, as with other booking platforms, guests just have to select their destination, the number of guests and the date for which they wish to stay in the holiday home.

Booking Request: First Option

Choose what kind of bookings you want to receive! On this platform, you can choose which booking options you would like to receive. One of these options is the booking request, where guests can contact you via a contact form or via telephone. The benefits of this booking option are:

✅ Personal interaction,

✅ Customized offers,

✅ It's safe.

Direct Booking: Second Option

The other booking option is direct booking, where you have 24 hours to accept the booking request. The advantages of this are:

✅ Fast booking,

✅ Quick approval,

✅ Quick Response Time.

Cancellation Policy

This article will also cover reservation cancellations. Of course, both you as the host and the guests have the right to cancel the booking.

It is recommended to have a cancellation policy in place to ensure that you will be compensated if the situation requires it. The interface allows you to choose an existing cancellation policy, but you can also simply upload your own.

Payments and Finances on Ferienhausmiete

You're probably wondering how the money from the booking will reach you. As the platform does not charge any other fees for the booking, the payment is not made directly on the platform. You receive the money directly from your guests.

The Rental Business Has Never Been Easier

Your rental experience will be easier and more efficient if you pay special attention to the following essential aspects:

  • First impressions matter: Ensure your listing features expressive visuals and detailed descriptions that reflect the comfort and allure of the property.
  • Price Strategically: Price competitively, taking into account local market trends and unique features of the property. Offer flexible options and promotions to attract customers.
  • Choose the Right Booking Options: Your chosen booking options can influence the guest experience. Consider whether you prefer the Booking Request or Direct Booking option and explain their respective advantages.
  • Know Laws and Regulations: Familiarize yourself with local rental laws and regulations. Ensure your contracts and policies align with legal requirements, and establish clear cancellation rules.
  • Enhance User Experience: Simplify the booking process and provide easy payment options. Pay attention to online photos, the property layout, and messaging features to instill confidence and convenience in potential guests' choices.

Importance of Communication

Apart from the unique features of the interface, you should not forget how important communication is for you, as a landlord. Communication allows you to focus not only on personal communication, but also on feedback from your guests.

Effective communication encompasses maintaining a social media presence, which is crucial in today's digital landscape.


Overall, Ferienhausmiete is characterized by unique features that set it apart from other platforms, such as guides and host tips. It can provide hosts a higher visibility through transparent pricing, personalized options and TOP advertisements.

Guest reviews have a significant impact on the ranking of accommodation, highlighting the importance of quality service. With multiple booking options, flexible cancellation policies and direct payment, Ferienhausmiete provides a comprehensive platform for both hosts and holidaymakers.

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