August 15, 2023

Visitor Boost Helps Gasthof Schuster Increase Bookings

Key facts

  • The occupancy rate of the hotel increased by 210% compared to the same period of last year
  • They received around 348% more page views on, close to 300.000 views within 30 days
  • They made an additional 2.100 euros in April 2023 compared to April 2022

Gasthof Schuster is a family-owned hotel located on the Rhine River in Niederwaldstr, Germany. Like many other hotels, they were struggling to attract bookings through online travel agencies (OTAs). In an effort to improve their performance on OTAs, they signed up for Visitor's OTA optimisation service, Visitor Boost, which is part of Visitor's Standard Yearly plan.

Visitor Boost

Visitor Boost is a comprehensive service that includes a range of features to improve a property's visibility and bookings on OTAs. It includes:

  • Occupancy-based pricing and solo rates
  • Flexible cancellation policies
  • Mobile rates and a 10% discount for mobile users
  • Early booker and last-minute deals
  • Preferred Partner status
  • ... and more.

Gasthof Schuster's occupancy in April 2023, +238% increase vs April 2022.

Outsourcing to Visitor

The optimisation process of Visitor Boost is a complex operation that requires extensive knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry. Visitor's team of experts handles the entire process, from setting up the new pricing strategy to creating attractive deals and policies to attract more bookings on OTAs.

By outsourcing their OTA optimisation to Visitor, Gasthof Schuster was able to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a dedicated team of professionals who understand the complexities of the online booking industry. This allowed the hotel to focus on its core business of providing excellent guest experiences while Visitor handled the technical aspects of the OTA optimisation.

Gasthof Schuster's search results views with Visitor Boost.


The implementation of Visitor Boost had an immediate impact on Gasthof Schuster's bookings. The occupancy rate of the hotel increased by 210% compared to the same period of last year, and they received around 348% more page views on The flexible cancellation policies reduced cancellations and increased revenue, while occupancy-based pricing and solo rates attracted more guests and optimised revenue.

Gasthof Schuster's occupancy and revenue with Visitor Boost.


In conclusion, Visitor Boost from Visitor's Standard Yearly plan proved to be a valuable investment for Gasthof Schuster. The comprehensive nature of the service and the expert handling of the implementation by Visitor allowed the hotel to achieve significant improvements in their OTA performance.

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