January 8, 2024
Case Studies

Remarkable Growth of Haus Adams with Visitor Boost

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Raul Tomescu
CEO & Founder

Key facts

  • Room nights increased by 70.63% to a total of 273 room nights vs 160 room nights in the same period of last year
  • Total revenue increased by 79.51% to € 16,457.77 vs € 9,167.92 in the same period of last year
  • Average daily rate increased by 5.21% to € 60.28 from € 57.30 in the same period of last year. This is projected to increase up to 16.64% to € 64.49 in the next 6 months.


Nestled in the heart of Boppard, Germany, Haus Adams stands as a testament to warm hospitality and sustainability. Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Middle Rhine Valley, Haus Adams offers guests a unique experience in a picturesque setting.

Facing the challenges of the modern hospitality industry, Haus Adams sought ways to increase bookings through online travel agencies (OTAs). To address this, the hotel opted for Visitor's expertise by signing up for Visitor Boost, an OTA optimization service included in Visitor's Standard Yearly plan.

Visitor Boost: Tailored for Success

Visitor Boost, a comprehensive service, provided Haus Adams with a customized solution to enhance its online presence and bookings on OTAs. The service included a suite of innovative features:

  • Smart Pricing Strategies: Leveraging data-driven insights, Visitor Boost implemented dynamic pricing strategies to optimize room rates based on occupancy and market demand.
  • Guest-Centric Deals: Attracting travellers with enticing early booking discounts and last-minute offers tailored to individual preferences.
  • Integrated Channel Management: The service offered a centralized platform for managing room inventory and availability across various OTAs.
  • Sustainable Travel Focus: Visitor Boost emphasized sustainability in line with Haus Adams' ethos, promoting eco-friendly practices and accommodations.
  • Expanded OTA Partnerships: Strengthening the hotel's visibility and reach on multiple OTAs beyond Booking.com.
  • Guest Engagement Insights: Haus Adams gained valuable insights into guest preferences and behaviours, enabling them to continuously improve their services.

These strategies improved Haus Adams’ profitability, and this is represented in the Property Analysis Through Calendar Year End (PACE) report, which shows the sales statistics of Haus Adams comparing the current year with the last year. ADR is a key metric that indicates the average price at which rooms are sold. It is calculated by dividing the total room revenue by the number of rooms sold. The ADR (average daily rate) of the current year is more than the previous year. This signifies positive pricing performance. Higher ADR, when combined with steady or increasing occupancy rates, can lead to significant revenue growth. The hotel is making more money per room sold.

The projected sales statistics show a predictive positive trend with rising ADR and future bookings for the coming year, 2024.

The projected sales statistics show a predictive positive trend with rising ADR and future bookings for the coming year, 2024.

With Visitor, Haus Adams also showed a cumulative increased trend of advance bookings, the following graph illustrates Haus Adams booking lead time of the current year compared to the last year. Which represents the percentage of reservations made within specific time intervals before the check-in date.

With Visitor there has been a rising trend of early bookings especially 31-91 days before arival date.

Streamlined Operations with Visitor

Outsourcing the complex OTA optimization process to Visitor allowed Haus Adams to benefit from the expertise of a dedicated team of professionals who navigated the intricacies of the online booking industry. This partnership enabled the hotel to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Impressive Outcomes

The implementation of Visitor Boost yielded remarkable results for Haus Adams:

  •  Room nights increased by 70.63%:  This remarkable increase signifies a growth from 160 room nights in the previous year to an impressive 273 room nights. This signifies a substantial increase in their room occupancy and revenue.
  • Room revenue increased by 79.51%: A substantial boost from €9,167.92 to €16,457.77 when compared to the same period in the previous year. This signifies a substantial increase in revenue, reflecting higher guest demand and booking success.
  • Average daily rate increased by 5.21%: A steady rise from €57.30 to €60.28, with further projected growth to €64.49 in the next 6 months. The rise from €57.30 to €60.28 reflects an increase in the average rate paid by guests. It's a positive sign of Haus Adams' ability to attract guests willing to pay a higher rate for their unique experience.
  • Projected ADR Growth of 16.64%: The anticipation of ADR growing to €64.49 in the next six months indicates the sustained momentum and revenue potential created by Visitor Boost.


In conclusion, Visitor Boost from Visitor's Standard Yearly plan proved to be a strategic investment for Haus Adams. This case study demonstrates how a collaborative approach between Haus Adams and Visitor, supported by innovative OTA optimization features, led to remarkable improvements in online visibility and bookings. Haus Adams stands as a shining example of the power of partnership in the modern hospitality industry.

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Remarkable Growth of Haus Adams with Visitor Boost

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