June 15, 2023

Streamlining Operations for The Tayleur Arms Hotel

Key facts

  • They saw an increase of 26% in direct bookings through their website after using Visitor
  • The hotel saved 758 GBP in commission fees paid to online travel agencies in 2022 and also reduced manual effort in managing bookings and reservations
  • The use of Visitor has allowed The Tayleur Arms Hotel to better manage their business and provide a better experience for their guests

The Tayleur Arms Hotel was facing challenges with managing bookings and reservations while paying a high commission fee to online travel agencies. With the help of Visitor, they were able to streamline their booking and reservation management process, increase their direct bookings, and save on commission fees.

Benefits of using Visitor

The hotel was able to experience several benefits after using Visitor, including:

  • Reduced commission fees: By increasing direct bookings through their website, the hotel saved 758 GBP in commission fees paid to online travel agencies in 2022.
  • Improved guest experience: The seamless connection between the hotel's website and property management system allowed for efficient and effortless booking and reservation management, freeing up time for the hotel staff to focus on providing better service to guests.
  • Streamlined operations: With the use of Visitor's all-in-one platform for hotel management, the hotel was able to streamline their operations and focus on providing the best guest experience possible.

Increased Direct Bookings

The hotel saw a significant increase in direct bookings within a year of using Visitor. With 26% of total bookings now coming through the hotel's website, the hotel has seen a marked increase in revenue and an improved guest experience. By cutting out the middleman, guests are able to book directly with the hotel, allowing the hotel to offer a more personalized experience while also retaining a larger portion of each booking.

Improved Time Management

The manual effort required to manage bookings and reservations was greatly reduced, freeing up valuable time for the hotel staff. With the seamless integration of Visitor's all-in-one platform for hotel management, staff are able to focus on providing better service to guests, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Financial Impact

The hotel was able to save 758 GBP in commission fees in 2022, leading to increased revenue and improved profitability. With the elimination of these fees, the hotel is able to operate more efficiently and effectively, resulting in a positive impact on the bottom line.


The use of Visitor has been a positive change for The Tayleur Arms Hotel. The hotel has been able to increase direct bookings, save on commission fees, and streamline operations, leading to improved guest experience and overall success.

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